Gartner, Georg

Univ.Prof. Mag.rer.nat. Dr.rer.nat.

Research Division:
Head of the Research Division Cartography
Research Area:
Location-based Services
Erzh.-Johann Pl. 1 / E120-06 (FB0110)
Phone #:
+43 (1) 58801 12611


Georg Gartner (born 1966) is a Professor for Cartography and Geo-Mediatechniques at the Research Group of Cartography at the Vienna University of Technology. He holds graduate qualifications in Geography and Cartography from the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology. 
He is the president of the International Cartographic Association (ICA). At Vienna University of Technology he is dean for study affairs in geodesy and geoinformation.


Type Title Semester Hours
VO Theoretical Cartography 2018S 2.0
VO Geodetic and cartographic principles for regional planning 2018S 3.0
VU Multimedia Cartography and GeoCommunication 2018S 2.0
VU Location Based Services 2018S 3.0
VU Applied Cartography 2018S 2.0
PR Project Map Creation 2018S 3.0
SE Seminar for Geoinformation and Cartography 2018S 1.0
SE Seminar of Geosciences (Cartography) 2018S 2.0
SE Research Seminar Cartography 2018S 2.0
SE Seminar for Diploma Thesis Issues 2018S 3.0
SE Preparation of the Bachelor Thesis (Cartography) 2018S 3.0
SE Presentation of the Bachelor Thesis (Cartography) 2018S 1.0
PV Privatissimum for PhD students 2018S 5.0