Thalmann, Tomas

Projektass. Dipl.-Ing. BSc

Research Division:
Engineering Geodesy
University Assistant
Research Area:
Kinematic Surveying Systems (Mobile Mapping), Sensor/data fusion, State estimation techniques
Gußhausstr. 27-29 / E120-05 (CA0331)
Phone #:
+43 (1) 58801 12838


Publications in Scientific Journals

  1. T. Thalmann, H.-B. Neuner:
    "Untersuchung des Network Time Protocols für die Synchronisation von Multi-Sensor-Systemen";
    Allgemeine Vermessungs-Nachrichten (AVN) begutachtete Beiträge (invited), 125 (2018), 6; 163 - 174. BibTeX, More information

Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry)

  1. T. Thalmann, H.-B. Neuner:
    "Tri-Axial Accelerometer Calibration for Leveling";
    Talk: GeoPreVi 2018 - Geodesy for Smart Cities, Bukarest (invited); 2018-10-29 - 2018-10-30; in: "GeoPreVi 2018 - Geodesy for Smart Cities", 9 (2018), ISSN: 1454-1408; 29 - 36. BibTeX, More information

  2. T. Thalmann, H.-B. Neuner:
    "In-Field Calibrated Odometry for Skid-Steered Mobile Robots";
    Talk: Machine Control and Guidance 2016, Vichy (invited); 2016-10-05 - 2016-10-06; in: "Machine Control and Guidance 2016", (2016), Paper ID 21, 9 pages. BibTeX, More information

  3. T. Thalmann, A. Abdalla:
    "Assessing the Influence of Preprocessing Methods on Raw GPS-Data for Automated Change Point Detection";
    Talk: International Conference on Geographic Information Science (AGILE 2014), Castellón; 2014-06-03 - 2014-06-06; in: "Connecting a Digital Europe Through Location and Place", J. Huerta, S. Schade, C. Granell (ed.); Springer, (2014), ISBN: 978-90-816960-4-3; 123 - 139. BibTeX, More information

Talks and Poster Presentations (without Proceedings-Entry)

  1. T. Thalmann:
    "Kalibrierung von fahrbaren Robotern als Multi-Sensor-Systeme";
    Talk: Leica Tour 2017, Wien, Graz, Villach, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck (invited); 2017-01-17 - 2017-01-26. BibTeX,

Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised)

  1. G. Teodori:
    "Simulationsstudien zur Verbesserung der Gierwinkelschätzung bei der losen INS-GNSS-Kopplung";
    Supervisor: H.-B. Neuner, T. Thalmann; E120-05 Department für Geodäsie und Geoinformation/Ingenieurgeodäsie, 2019; final examination: 2019-05-13. BibTeX, More information

  2. T. Thalmann:
    "Genauigkeitsbetrachtungen zum Bewegungsverhalten eines fahrbaren Roboters";
    Supervisor: H.-B. Neuner; E120-5 Ingenieurgeodäsie, 2015; final examination: 2015-08-13. BibTeX, More information

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Type Title Semester Hours
VU Geodesy for Civil Engineering 2019W 3.0
SE Bachelor Thesis (Engineering Geodesy) 2019W 3.0
SE Presentation of Bachelor Thesis (Engineering Geodesy) 2019W 1.0