Science Slam about Soil Moisture

Mariette Vreugdenhil participated in the Science Slam event at Metropol in Vienna on 11 November 2014 with a presentation entitled

Wassergehalt im Boden – kein trockenes Thema

("Soil Moisture – not a dry topic"). In the talk she covered the hydrological cycle and explained how to use microwaves for remote sensing of soil moisture.

What is a science slam? Wikipedia: A science slam is a scientific talk where scientists present their own scientific research work in a given time frame - usually 10 minutes - in front of a non-expert audience. The focus lies on teaching current science to a diverse audience in an entertaining way. The presentation is judged by the audience. A science slam is a form of science communication.

Update 8 January 2014: You can now watch Mariette in action at or
 Nov. 14, 2014

 Microwave Remote Sensing